Project Description


Project selected within the Regional Operational Program and co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund

•   Project financed through the Regional Operational Program 2007 – 2013
•   Priority Axis no. 5 – „Durable Development and Promotion of Tourism”
•   Major Filed of Intervention 5.3. – „Promotion of the Tourist Potential and Creation
    of the Necessary Infrastructure with a view to Increasing Romania's Attractiveness
    as a Tourism Destination”
•   Operation – ”Domestic Tourism Development and Consolidation by Supporting
    Promotion of Specific Products and Specific Marketing Attractions”

General Purpose of the Project

Increase the visibility of 7 (seven) cultural sites with high tourism potential in Sector 1 of Bucharest and improve the tourist offer by creating a new tourist route that shall include such sites.

The cultural sites shall be promoted at both local and national level.

Promoted Cultural Sites

The “Stone Men” project is meant to promote 7 (seven) cultural sites located in Sector 1, declared historical monuments and constituting part of the national cultural heritage:

1. Statue of Barbu Stefănescu Delavrancea
2. The Statue of Monsenior Vladimir Ghika
3. The Bust of Nicolae Iorga
4. Statue of Alexandru Lahovary
5. Statue of Iuliu Maniu
6. Statue of I.C. Brătianu
7. The Statue of General Charles de Gaulle.

Project Activities

•   Creating a web site dedicated to the project
•   Production and distribution of promotion materials (leaflets, fliers, pamphlets,
    albums, maps, post cards, posters, DVDs etc.)
•   Advertisement insertions in the mass-media
•   Broadcast of media commercials and outdoor advertisement
•   Organization of two artistic events in Kiseleff and Herastrau Parks

Project Target Group

•   The local community of Sector 1 and the entire community of the Capital, by
    highlighting the cultural legacy sites and introducing new touristic routes, less
    focused on in the past;
•   Potential visitors and Romanian and foreign tourists on holiday or passing through
    the city, who, upon consulting the promotion materials of the 7 sites, can choose to
    spend their entire holiday, or part of it, or their vacations, weekends etc. visiting
    the sites;
•   Tourists who wish to participate in festivals or local events;
•   Tourists who show interest in Bucharest and, in satisfying this interest, choose this
    short and efficient 7-site itinerary;
•   Participants in conventions, seminars, reunions organized in the fair centers, who
    can combine business tourism with cultural or leisure tourism;
•   Tourism agents and operators who shall be approached when participating in
    tourist events, with a view to including the "Stone Men" offer in the touristic
    packages promoted and offered by them;
•   Local companies specialized in tourism-related services.

Project Budget

•   The total project value is 977.641,48 lei
•   The total eligible project value is 757.381,41 lei
•   The non-refundable eligible value from FEDR is 634.774,20 lei
•   The non-refundable eligible value from national budget is 98.459,58 lei
•   The eligible beneficiary’s co-financing is 15.147,63 lei

The project implementation term is 6 months, starting on the date of execution of the financing agreement and the completion date of the last project activity.